About Me

I discovered my love for beauty while I attended Texas Tech. My FAVORITE time of the week was on the weekends when my roommates would ask me to do their hair and makeup. That instant gratification when I would let them look in the mirror was everything to me. Whenever studying would become repetitive or I was tired of waking up to go to 8am classes I would joke around about enrolling in beauty school. Although I am glad I pushed through to get my degree, I find it funny that I didn't realize my passion sooner. I have had the pleasure watching my twin sister pursue her career in photography and I couldn't help but be a little envious. I've heard it takes some people a lifetime to dig for the career of their dreams so I know I'm blessed to have figured it out when I did. Now I am proud to say I enrolled in beauty school three years after college graduation and finished November of 2016 then gained my cosmetology certification shortly after. 

Working with brides and bridal parties is my true passion. Nothing brings me more joy than to see a bride on the day of her wedding seeing herself in the mirror with hair and makeup done and a beautiful white dress on. Seriously! It doesn't get much better than that. To know that I helped her make her vision come true makes this my dream job.